Feeling the adverse effects of climate change, many homes have already made the switch from relying on fossil fuel generated electricity to renewable power. However, the biggest factor that deters some to take similar action is the relatively high cost of the equipment needed to produce clean and sustainable energy. This problem may soon become a thing of the past, though, as science correspondent Pallab Ghosh recently reported for the BBC:


A team at Liverpool University has found a way of replacing the toxic element in the process with a material found in bath salts.

The scientists say that this could have a "massive, unexpected cost benefit".

… Dr Jon Major, who led the research said that his team's work might be the development that brings the cost down to the level of fossil fuel …

… Dr Major's boss, Prof Ken Durose, who is the director of the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy at Liverpool University, believes that his colleague's discovery has the potential to transform the economics of solar energy.

"One of the big challenges with solar energy is to make it cheap enough to compete with conventional power generation," he told BBC News.

"Solar will progressively get cheaper until it will become more and more feasible for solar power to be produced from solar electricity farms."

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(Source: Researchers develop cheaper way of making solar cells, Pallab Ghosh, June 25, 2014)