Riley and Marlene Hoyt were building a vacation home on Kalamalka Lake, located just outside of Vernon. The area has no power or services, which led Riley to implement a 3.2 kilowatt off-grid system.

Why solar?

Given we were off-grid we didn’t have a lot of options, essentially a generator or solar power. With a generator-only system there are the issues of noise, fuel cost and reliability. Solar power (with generator back-up for peak loads in the off-season) was really the only way to go in our opinion.

Man standing next to inverter.

What are the main benefits of your system?

We’ve only had our system for a month but the amount of power it’s generating is exceeding my expectations. I’m quite pleased, I never had concerns on sunny days but even on cloudy days I’m surprised at the power it is delivering. This is a key aspect when you’re off-grid.

Why did you choose Terratek?

I shopped around and also considered sourcing and installing the system myself. My builder had recommended Landon and Terratek, as well as other people I knew in the industry spoke highly of the company.

After shopping around with other suppliers and also looked at sourcing myself on-line, I found Terratek’s pricing to be very competitive. I was pleasantly surprised to find you don’t have to compromise on price in order to get expertise and good service. I was quite impressed.

The [install] was really good, and very professional.

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