Project Description

We installed Solar Hot Water and PV on Colwood’s Firehall, as part of the launch of Solar Colwood. The city is providing incentives to residents for the installation of solar hot water and PV systems, electric car charging stations and more!

Captain Frank Gale of the Colwood Fire Station watches as a Terratek Energy Inc. crew secures sleepers enough to support 12 solar photo voltaic panels and 2 solar hot water panels to the roof of the Colwood Fire Station. The systems are sized to meet approximately 40% of the electrical needs and 60% of the hot water needs, significantly reducing energy bills over the 25-30 year lifetime of the systems.

“We have shower facilities that support 36 members and a cleaning room with in-house laundry facilities for cleaning fire fighters’ turnout gear and related equipment,” said Gale.

Read more about the Firehall installation here.


Colwood, BC

Technical Specifications

Solar Hot Water System:

  • 2 collector Enerworks solar hot water system.
  • 60 gallon solar storage with energy pack.
  • Custom engineered rack.

PV System:

  • 2.78 kilowatt solar PV array.
  • 3 kilowatt fronius grid tie inverter.
  • Custom engineered rack.