We are passionate about solar power, but don’t just take our word on the benefits. Hear first-hand from our customers who share why they went solar and how it’s impacting them.

What does an urban farmer,  retiree and commercial developer all have in common? A passion for solar power. Learn more about their choice to go solar and how net metering works in our new video.

The Dickie’s were building their retirement home in Lake Country, BC, and were committed to making it as sustainable as possible. They implemented a 10.4 kilowatt system, which is generating nearly all of their power. Read More

Lake Country home with solar panels on roof.

Anita Wood retired in Lumby, BC, where she built her dream home, a sustainable, energy efficient design with a nice, south facing roof for solar. She implemented a 10.4 kilowatt system that is producing a surplus of energy. Read More

Lumby home with solar panels on roof

Riley and Marlene Hoyt were building a vacation home on Kalamalka Lake, located just outside of Vernon, BC. The area has no power or services, which led Riley to implement a 3.2 kilowatt off-grid system.  Read More

Picture of cabin with solar panels on it

Tom Berrow is the co-owner of a commercial building in Penticton, BC. He implemented a 54 kilowatt solar power system to help offset the majority of the building’s cooling loads and to reduce the building’s Demand Charge costs. Read More

Picture of commercial flat roof with solar panels

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