Anita Wood retired in Lumby where she built her dream home, a sustainable, energy efficient house with a nice, south facing roof for solar. She implemented a 10.4 kilowatt solar power system that is producing a surplus of energy.

Why solar?

I am interested in alternative energy, I felt why not harness the sun, it’s here and it’s free.

How much of your energy mix is coming from solar annually?

I am producing a surplus of energy,  more than double of what I use, which includes an electric car.

My first cheque from BC Hydro was for the power I produced during the first 13 months, it was $900, before I purchased the electric car.

(Note: Anita currently uses an efficient wood burning furnace to heat her home. However, if needed in the future, her solar system was designed to power her electric heating needs).

Woman standing on top of mountain with rainbow in background

What are the main benefits of your system?

I’ve always been very independent, for example, I grow my own food. This is just another step in the direction of a modern homestead.

Interest rates being so minimal, it made more sense to invest in solar panels then leaving it in a savings account. The present return of  $700 to $800 annually is great and the only BC Hydro bills I pay are a monthly fee of $6!

Investment wise, it definitely makes sense, in my eyes anyways.

Why did you choose Terratek?

Initially, I looked online to find someone locally, but I didn’t hear from that person for three weeks! I knew Terratek from Vancouver Island where they had installed solar on my community’s fire station.

Terratek is/was professional and friendly. I had no problems and am very happy with the results.

[ Terratek Energy now has an office in Kelowna]

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