Solar PV

Cedar Geoexchange & Solar Electric


Residential installation for combination geoexchange and solar electric systems. Location Nanaimo, BC Technical Specifications Geoexchange System: 4 ton [...]

Charles Tupper Solar Electric & Solar Hot Water


Solar hot water and solar electric combination installation. Location Vancouver, BC Technical Specifications Solar Hot Water System: 4 [...]

Waterfront Solar Electric

Residential solar electric installation in the Comox Valley. Location Comox, BC Technical Specifications Solar PV System: 22.33 [...]

MINI Richmond Solar Electric


One of the largest solar electric systems in the Greater Vancouver area. "We're doing this because we want [...]

Abbotsford Middle School Solar Electric & Wind

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Abbotsford middle school has become the first school in Canada to power a computer lab with three sources [...]

Discovery Islands Solar Electric & Wind


This off-grid hybrid system was designed and installed by Terratek to provide power to an off-grid residence in [...]

VanDusen Botanical Gardens Solar Electric


As part of the Living Building Challenge, the new Visitor's Centre at VanDusen Botanical Gardens must be Net [...]

Discovery Group Hybrid Solar Electric & Wind


Terratek designed and installed a hybrid system consisting of a solar electric array and wind turbine for an off-grid customer in the [...]

Shawnigan Lake School Solar Hot Water & Solar Electric


Duxbury boys' residence building at Shawnigan Lake School is now boasting a solar hot water system with a [...]

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