The Okanagan recently experienced a powerful wind storm that resulted in lengthy power outages for more than 9,000 homes.

In these situations, a Tesla Powerwall, with or without solar panels, can help you power essential appliances ensuring peace of mind and security during an emergency.

What is Tesla Powerwall?
Picture of Tesla powerwall
Powerwall is a home battery that allows you to store surplus energy and use that energy at a different time.

Each Powerwall holds 13.5 kWh, which is enough power to typically run your fridge, lights in more than 5 rooms, a gas furnace fan, wifi and 4 cell phones and 2 laptops for 24 hours.

If you don’t have solar, Powerwall would be able to run the mentioned appliances and devices for 24 hours without any additional power.

If you have solar and the power outage took place during daylight hours, Powerwall could recharge providing even longer security against an outage.

With the effects of climate change and increased forest fires in BC, Powerwall offers reliability in the face of uncertainty and is most effective when combined with solar panels.

Terratek has partnered with MPOWER Energy Solutions to supply and install Tesla Powerwall. Our licensed electricians have completed extensive Tesla Powerwall and MPOWER training.

Picture of MPower LogoTesla has set the price at $7,800 per Powerwall and $1,500 for the Energy Gateway and Transfer Switch. This does not include installation costs. Contact us to learn more.

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