It might come as a surprise to you but Geoexchange systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a home. The system works by utilizing the naturally constant temperature of the earth, or a body of water in combination with a ground source heat pump. Put simply, by using the same mechanical process as a refrigerator, the geoexchange heat pump draws heat from one source and deposits it to another.  The idea is to take advantage of the natural heat storage capabilities of the earth and influence that using the heat pump to create ultra-efficient heating and cooling.


Perhaps you are more familiar with the term ‘Geothermal’? Well it’s worth noting that while geothermal and geoexchange are both used to describe these systems, the two terms are actually technically different. Geoexchange involves the transfer of heat from the soil, by the sun, at shallow depths of no more than 500 ft. This heat is usually used for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Geothermal energy on the other hand involves extracting heat in the form of hot water or steam, deep from within the earth’s core, further than one km or more. This heat is used to generate electricity on a large scale, such as geothermal power plants.

So how does this translate for you? Well as a homeowner it means that if you have a large open area, such as a field, or a large body of water such as a pond or the ocean even, then you have the potential to install Geoexchange to heat and cool your home.

Want to know more? If you are interested in Geoexchange why not do this Quick Self-Assessment to see if Geoexchange is Right for you.

Quick Self-Assessment: Geoexchange

Some simple ways to find out if your home is suitable for Geoexchange:

(1) You have a large open area, such as a field, or access to a large body of water such as a pond   or ocean.

(2) You have a forced air or radiant (water) in-floor heating system.

(3) There is space in the mechanical room for the geoexchange heat pump.

(4) You are prepared to have a heat load calculation carried out to determine the size of system necessary for your home. This should be done by a professional designer or engineer, and will cost approximately $250 or up, depending on the complexity of the home


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