When you think of ‘Solar Power’ what is it that comes into your head? For a lot of people their immediate thought or image is of Solar Panels mounted on roofs which convert sunlight into electricity. In technical terms these Solar Panels are known as Solar Photovoltaic modules or Solar PV and converting sunlight into electricity is exactly what they do. As you would expect, the stronger the sunshine the more electricity is produced, however it is important to note that solar modules don’t only work when the sun is shining. They can also absorb ambient light on cloudy days to continue producing electricity.


When it comes to Solar PV there are 3 different types of power systems:  Grid-Tie, Grid-Tie with Battery Backup and Off-Grid. The first two systems are by far the most popular choice for most people.  With a grid-tie system the electricity is used primarily to satisfy the electrical loads in the house but any additional electricity can be fed back to the grid through BC Hydro’s net-metering programme.  In grid-tie with battery back-up systems energy is also stored in battery banks, for emergency situations – perfect for those storms when the power goes out!

Solar modules are available in many sizes, voltages and format and although you might be more used to seeing Solar Panels mounted on roofs, they can also be mounted on the ground or on a pole mount so can definitely be mounted to suit your particular needs. On top of that Solar Modules are virtually maintenance free and very long lasting with a typical module warranty lasting 25 years!


If you are interested in Solar PV then why not check out this Quick Self-Assessment to see if it is right for you?

1. Your roof is in good condition and faces south.

2. Your roof has a clear space of up to 24sq/m. This space should be free from shading from trees, chimneys or other buildings for the most part of the day.

3. If a roof is not an option do you have sufficient and adequate space on the ground for a ground or pole mount installation.

4. You have space inside the home (usually the mechanical room) for a string-inverter. Micro-inverters may be an alternative option should space by limited.


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