Did you know that in Canada, hot water is the second highest energy demand in an average household? According to Environment Canada it represents about 25-35% of total energy consumption in BC homes. That’s a lot of hot water!

Installing a solar hot water system offers one of the most cost-effective renewable energy solutions to reducing your electric or gas bill by alleviating reliance on utility-produced energy sources. When properly sized and installed, a solar hot water system can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water needs.


Solar hot water systems work by converting sunlight into heat through solar collectors which are usually mounted on a south-facing roof (for optimal performance). As the sunlight passes through the collector’s glazing, it strikes a material that converts the sunlight into heat while the glazing prevents the heat from escaping. Water, or a water and antifreeze solution, carries heat from the collectors through a heat exchanger to a solar storage tank, which holds domestic hot water for subsequent use. A solar storage tank is typically tied in with a traditional hot water tank or on-demand heater, since weather does effect solar hot water production. The traditional tank, or on-demand heater, then becomes a back-up to the solar tank, bringing the solar pre-heated water up to the desirable temperature when needed.

Remember though, Solar doesn’t only work when the sun is out. Although it can be affected by the weather Solar does actually collect ambient light on cloudy days as well as on our beautiful sunny days.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. If you are interested in Solar Hot Water why not do this Quick Self-Assessment to see if Solar Hot Water is Right for you.


Quick Self-Assessment: Solar Hot Water

Some simple ways to find out if your home is suitable for Solar Hot Water:

(1) You have a high demand for hot water, due to a large household or a need for large volumes of washing for example.

(2) Your home has at least three square meters (roughly 32 sq. ft.) of south-facing roof space.

(3) There is limited shade from 10am – 4pm on the south-facing roof space.

(4) You have room for a solar storage tank next to your existing hot water tank.



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