Solar power technology offers many benefits to Canada homes, but it also has issues which you can rely on specialists in solar energy in Vancouver to solve.

The Sun is the biggest source of free energy for the Earth. Without this bounty, it would be impossible for life to exist, and that includes the highly sought-after fossil fuel. As the Sun is the most powerful and accessible generator, scientists thought, why not harness energy directly from it? Thus the birth and continuous evolution of solar power technology.


One of the main advantages of solar energy is that it is a renewable source; it can be quickly replenished unlike fossil fuels which take millions of years to form. Solar power will also exist for as long as the Sun does. In addition, it is environmentally sustainable as there’s no emission of harmful pollutants. 

Solar power technology is fairly easy to operate. It does not require large scale installations nor complicated wiring or noisy drilling machines. As such, the chances of breakage are very low since the number of moving mechanism is near zero. Moreover, photovoltaic solar panels can last up to 40 years, and most manufacturers offer warranties up to 25 years.

Because of the great value it offers, solar energyhas become widely used in Canada. Since the first solar panel installation in 1995, the market has grown by an average of 25% a year. The Canadian Coast Guard’s 5,000 units of lighthouses and navigational buoys are solar energy supported. In the cities, the technology is used to power streetlights, water pumps, and parking meters. A majority of the market is comprised of homes and cottages in remote regions, numbering up to 50,000 households. 

However, since solar technology goes into sleep mode during sunless days, a lot of homeowners are apprehensive about it. Thus, companies that produce solar power for Vancouver—like Terratek Energy, Inc.—work to address that concern. For instance, the Grid-Tie system is backed up by a battery bank which is only to be used when power is not available.

Another example of these solutions is off-grid power systems, which can produce solar power for Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan homes without the need for grid service. Other solutions may also incorporate hybrid systems that include extra battery banks or generators well-suited for electric bill-free, blackout-proof, solar-powered homes.

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