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Solar Benefits

Here are some of the most common reasons businesses and organizations choose solar:

Today more than ever customers care about purchasing from companies who demonstrate a commitment to corporate sustainability. Solar power is a highly visible way to market your business.

Picture of Quality Greens market with solar panles on roof.

By purchasing solar power you are able to immediately reduce your electricity bills, improving cashflow.  Adding to this, solar can dramatically reduce a building’s Demand Charge costs. Many of our clients value the ability to lock in low energy prices for years to come.


Many businesses will want to consider solar’s return on investment. This will involve determining the system’s upfront costs versus reduced energy costs over a 25-30 year period, as well as factors like increased marketability, and accelerated depreciation options.

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Commercial businesses with solar are eligible for accelerated depreciation. Businesses can deduct 50 percent of the system cost per year on a declining basis providing a significant offset to the upfront cost. To learn more click here.


Commercial systems require very little maintenance. They contain no moving parts and require only that they are kept clear of debris to ensure optimum performance.

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Net Metering

BC has net metering, which allows commercial buildings with solar power to plug into the grid easily. Net metering allows you to get credit for the power you generate, decreasing your electricity bill. If solar is not providing all of the energy, the grid will supply rest.

Net Metering programs for BC Utilities:

  • BC Hydro Net Metering Program
  • FortisBC Net Metering Program
  • City of Penticton Net Metering Program
Net Metering graphic

Mounting Options

As most commercial buildings tend to be flat roofs, mounting solar directly to the structure can be difficult. Penetrations in the roof membrane need to be done properly to maintain water tightness and the warranty on the roof. In many cases, adding roof penetrations to a flat roof is ill advised. For those reasons, Terratek Energy tends to incorporate ballasted racking systems into their commercial solar installations. Ballasted systems use the combined weight of the entire solar array plus some additional ballast to keep the array on the roof.

Any business with a flat roofed building will require a structural review to ensure that the existing structure will accommodate the additional solar loading, while continuing to accommodate the design snow and rain loads.