Sunlight is abundant and powerful, supplying BC with limitless amounts of clean energy for residential solar power. Even on cloudy days solar panels turn light into electricity to offset power consumption.

Solar Benefits

Our customers tell us there are a number of reasons why they chose solar for their homes. Here are the most common:

In BC you pay a higher price depending on your consumption. Once you consume a certain amount, each unit of electricity costs about 50 percent more.

It’s possible to offset all of your power in the summer and a sizeable portion in the winter.


Many of our clients are concerned about the environment and solar panels represent an actionable way to reduce their environmental footprint.

By going solar, you are showing leadership and helping to avoid large-scale generation projects.

Electricity prices continue to increase. The upfront cost you pay for your solar system provides you with free power for 25-30 years and even longer.

Two men installing a residential solar system.

Today’s solar panels have a warranty of 25-30 years. A typical pay-back period is approximately 12 years. This means you can have 13-18 years, and longer, of free power. This is a valuable return on investment when compared to other investment options.

Piggybank overturned and full of change

Many of our customers enjoy being able to generate power on their own rooftops.  They have security from blackouts and greater independence from the energy utility.


How much will you spend on electricity over the next 25 years?

Based on an average utility increase of 4% per year over 25 years.

Net Metering

BC has net metering, which allows homes with solar power to plug into the grid easily. Net metering means you receive credit for the power you generate, decreasing your electricity bill. If solar is not providing all of the energy, the grid will supply rest.

Net Metering programs for BC Utilities:

  • BC Hydro Net Metering Program
  • FortisBC Net Metering Program
  • City of Penticton Net Metering Program
Net Metering graphic
It was a good decision — the quality of workmanship and the after sales service have been really, really good.
Eric Dickie
I was pleasantly surprised to find you don’t have to compromise on price in order to get expertise and good service. I was quite impressed.
Riley Hoyt
Terratek is/was professional and friendly. I had no problems and am very happy with the results.
Anita Wood

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Recent Work:

Our more than 12 years of experience on hundreds of rooftops will ensure you get a quality installation that meets your energy goals.

Home with solar panels on awning

Rossland Passive House – 2.08 kW

Naramata home with solar panels on roof

Naramata – 9.72 kW

Kelowna home with solar panels on roof

Kelowna – 4.41 kW

View of solar panels on roof

Abbotsford – 7.84 kW

New construction with solar on flat roof

Kamloops – 4.68 kW

Kaleden hom with solar panels on roof

Kaleden – 9.54 kW (left) 10.3 kW (centre)

New home with solar on roof

North Vancouver – 3.2 kW

New home with solar panels on roof

Vancouver – 5.88 kW

Solar panels on rooftop

Bowen Island – 5.88 kW

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A Brighter Future

What does an urban farmer,  retiree and commercial developer all have in common? A passion for solar power. Learn more about their choice to go solar and how net metering works in our new video.