Vancouver just became one of the latest cities to pledge commitment towards using 100 per cent renewable energy. The Guardian reported that the Canadian city targets to use only green energy for electricity, as well as transportation, and heating and cooling in 20 years.

Vancouver made the announcement during the ICLEI World Congress 2015, a triennial summit dedicated to sustainability attended by local governments around the world. It was emphasized that around 70 to 75 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on a global scale come from cities and urban areas. That’s why this decision would have a significant impact towards the efforts to avert climate change.


Andrea Reimer, the city’s deputy mayor, commented that being a green city has a strong “moral imperative” and is also a good economic potential. The stated target for achieving 100 per cent renewable energy is 2030 or 2035 for heating and cooling, while it may take up to 2040 or 2050 for transportation.

Aiming for the Goal

Reaching 100 per cent usage of only renewable energy, like wind and solar energy in Vancouver, can be accomplished earlier than the projected dates with the support of the respective national and provincial government. Of course, the cooperation of the citizenry is also needed.

How can you contribute to this goal? Having solar panels installed for your home is a good start. There are several advantages in using solar power in Vancouver. First of all, it is indefinitely renewable (unless you count the sun burning out, which isn’t likely to happen until around billions of years in the future). Then, along with producing electricity, it is a simple technology used for heating water. You can also count on solar panels to produce electricity quietly—no trouble with the neighbours.

Maintenance of solar panels is not so complex, too. There are no mechanical parts with potential of failure. After they’re installed, they will actively create electricity for your home in just a few millimeters. However, do note that installation is better off left to alternative energy service providers, like Terratek Energy Inc. Installation of solar panels is not as simple as putting the cells on your roof. They require additional wiring and certain technical knowledge to achieve an optimal placement for utmost efficiency.


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