North Vancouver District has received the Solar BC Award for “Solar Community of the Year”. This award recognizes the District’s leadership in promoting the use of solar hot water technology both within the community and in its own operations. District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton and District Energy Manager Dominica Babicki accepted the award on behalf of the District at an Awards Ceremony on the T’Sou-ke First Nation Reserve, in Sooke, BC.

“Promoting the use of solar energy is one of many important ways of reducing our carbon footprint,” said North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton, “and it demonstrates the District’s leadership and commitment to be among the most sustainable communities in the world in the future.”

North Vancouver District has been a Solar BC “Solar Community” since September 2008. This designation was officially bestowed upon the District during the 2008 Union of British Columbia Municipalities conference by then Premier Gordon Campbell. Since that time, the District has actively encouraged the use of solar hot water at both the community and corporate levels.

At the community level the District has adopted a Green Building Policy to encourage the installation of solar hot water systems; passed a Solar Ready Regulation for new homes; waived the mechanical permit fees for solar hot water installations; provided solar hot water related training to District inspectors; developed an award winning GIS Solar Application to assist residents with solar panel installation; and organized public tours of solar hot water installations in the District during Solar Days 2010. At the corporate level, the District has installed solar hot water systems on five municipal buildings including Northlands Golf Course, Parkgate Community Centre, and three of its Fire Halls; and committed to installing solar hot water on all new municipal buildings that provide a good case for solar hot water systems.